About Us

For an entire year, I was planning on going on a research trip to begin the journey of entrepreneurship. I was so apprehensive due to not being sure that it would work, not being sure if I would be successful, not being sure if it I would regret leaving a really good healthcare sales job where I worked with minority women community groups and felt like every day I was giving back to the community on a daily basis. I prayed about it, trusted my intuition, and traveled to South East Asia for a trip of a lifetime!
Candy Hair Company was founded in 2019 after returning from various countries in South East Asia. After visiting multiple family-run hair factories, I was able to establish amazing relationships that has led to consistent product inventory, quality control, and ethical sourcing. I devised a mission to provide the best quality Raw and Virgin hair to customers who are looking for superiority and longevity.
Our premium Raw Cambodian Hair is 100% unprocessed and will last years with proper care. Unprocessed hair is never altered in any way and comes directly from donor, sanitized, then wefted for the purest experience.
Our Indonesian hair is in virgin form, meaning no chemicals or cuticle stripping materials, which results in a very long shelf life of with proper care and maintenance. By default to our customers, our Indonesian hair comes "double drawn." Double Drawn hair wefts are full and thick from top to bottom. Most hair companies sell single-drawn hair because it is cheap to make due to mixing shorter hair with longer strands. At Candy Hair, we do not. Both Raw and Virgin hair is medium coarse with medium to low luster, which differs from Brazilian.
Our Brazilian hair has all cuticles intact and placed in the same direction of growth and is A1 quality, with proper care and maintenance. We are proud to own a A- Rating with the Better Business Bureau (the minus is due to length of time in business but that will change soon). Candy Hair is looking forward to exceeding your expectations. Please visit the Contact Us page for more info.